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What is the role of business consultants in Kenya? Who is a business Consultant?

A business consultant gives professional or expert insight in a specific field such as management, acc

Online shopping in Kenya has been catching on with thousands of Kenyas using it as the preferred shopping approach. Most individuals who have embraced online shopping as their primary shopping are from the main cities in the country, namel

You have been having this revolutionary business idea that requires a website to be executed and after researching, you get one of the best web design company in Nairobi to develop you a professional website or web applica

A marketplace is an ever-changing place where multiple forces are constantly changing, evolving every single day to shape how the market operates, where it operates and even who reigns. In the recent years, we have witnessed monopolies be

Technology has transformed our lives in great ways, and today things are way better compared to a decade ago. From socializing, shopping, learning nothing has been left unturned. Today we introduce you to an application that you can use to ma

Time is becoming a big constraint in the city due to pressing job issues and the impassable roads as a result of heavy traffic. Something else that is giving a hot stomach is the ever-increasing population in the city that leads to high

Online shopping has become the obvious approach through which the modern customer is buying goods and services. A few years ago, we witnessed the beginning of the digital revolution in Kenya. Although most of us didn’t be

Every small business with a goal of growing and building a larger client base needs a website. The business environment has changed, not having a website means losing business, it means you will be missing an opportunity to let potential cu

Today’s business environment demands every business to have a website. It is no longer a question of whether you need it or not; a business website is an absolute necessity. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large company, onli

In today's business world, websites have become major assets to businesses. In the modern day marketplace, websites are the face of the business, therefore, it is important to have professionally designed websites that help create a positive

Increasing brand visibility and growing brand awareness is an objective of every business. The stronger a brand is, the better its performance. We all want more local customers to know about the existence of our businesses and also buy fr

The web, digital platforms, and related innovations are changing the fundamental nature marketing. Digital technologies are pushing business and organizations to rethink their marketing strategies. For marketers, a career in marketing i