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A marketplace is an ever-changing place where multiple forces are constantly changing, evolving every single day to shape how the market operates, where it operates and even who reigns. In the recent years, we have witnessed monopolies be

Increasing brand visibility and growing brand awareness is an objective of every business. The stronger a brand is, the better its performance. We all want more local customers to know about the existence of our businesses and also buy fr

The web, digital platforms, and related innovations are changing the fundamental nature marketing. Digital technologies are pushing business and organizations to rethink their marketing strategies. For marketers, a career in marketing i

Marketing is the beating heart of every business. To a large percentage, marketing determines the success or failure of your business. In today’s world, as you all know, the web has virtually changed the way we do everything. The world wide

With the ever increasing level of competition in all business sectors, it’s now clear that marketing is the only hope for startups and small businesses. In whichever sector you venture into, you face stiff competition. For startups,