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Role of business consultants - consultancy firms in Kenya

Apnest blog- Role of business consultants - consultancy firms in Kenya
What is the role of business consultants in Kenya? Who is a business Consultant?
A business consultant gives professional or expert insight in a specific field such as management, accounting, human resource management, public relations and marketing, law among other areas of a business. He or she possesses the necessary tools and know-how to assist organizations, companies, or businesses to become more effective and efficient.
These business experts analyze the businesses and come up with tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of the business while assisting them in achieving their objectives and goals. Business consultants’ goal is to improve the performance of the businesses or entrepreneurs by ensuring that every department is working seamlessly with one end goal.
The best business consulting firms like Hillmarc Consulting have diversified portfolio when it comes to their operations with some having their original products and services to cater for the dissimilar needs of their clients or customers. They possess an in-depth knowledge in the field of business with a keen eye and meticulous to detail to address even potential future problems before they appear.
Hiring a consultant can help businesses make necessary changes in their operations to achieve the desired result. Business consultants can assist tight loose ends or drastically come up with new plans to produce the expected result of the management or board of a company. Business consultants help address challenges in a business - whether start-up or existing companies - and increase revenue or growth.

What do business consultants do?

They provide expert or professional advice and insight in a specific area or target market. Identify business challenges and create or recommend solutions. Provide training programs for employees to enhance their creativity, effectiveness and efficiency for better performance.
Provide objectivity to drive the company in the right trajectory to accomplish its mission and vision. Create new businesses usually from drawing a conclusive analysis on a need in the market. Reviving, re-energizing and resuscitating an organization by equipping the stakeholders with better knowledge and understanding of the business.


1. Discovery Phase This is the stage where a business consulting firm takes time to learn the client’s business. They can use questionnaires or documents to better understand what the business entails. Documents like a business plan and company profile are imperative as they provide insights and information as to what is the goal of the business owner(s).
Business consultants can as well hold meetings with the employees, board members and analyze the financial statements to gain more information. It is a critical stage especially for the consultants as they need to understand the ins and outs of the business before they can flaunt their consultancy prowess.


Once the business consultant has soaked enough information of the company s/he is dealing with, the next phase is the evaluation that includes identifying where and what manner of change is needed. Just like a doctor who examines a patient before prescribing medicine or giving medical advice, a business consultant should seek to understand the business first.
The business consultant identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a business the current as well as foreseeable challenges. Identification of a problem leads to the creation of a solution to combat it which the business consultant should come up with. During the process, the business consultant should be able to note the opportunities to be seized to grow the business boost sales and revenues as well as improve business operations.
As the business consultant formulates the strategies, plans and ways to deal with the issues at hand, the individuals involved must remain open and flexible to change. Doing the same thing expecting different results is the mother of all failure and stagnation therefore an open mind would not harm.

Constructive Criticism

Since business consultants offer a new perspective, business owners should be willing to take in criticism. One of the roles of the business consultant is to bring objectivity and a fresh point of view to the business. They may challenge the company’s philosophy, operations, expenditure among others and the process needs a thick-skinned business owner.
This is a discussion process and neither a debate nor an argument as two heads is better than one and each party should give their opinion and feedback.

3. Restructuring Phase

Once the business consultant and the entrepreneur agree on the way forward, the latter comes with a plan to get rid of liabilities and build the assets. In football, clubs talk of getting rid of ‘dead woods’ to restructure the squad. The process is synonymous in business as well, as the business consultant makes adjustment and implements a strategic plan and monitor’s the success or its downfall.

What are the various types of business consultants?

There are at least five key areas that business consultants in Kenya can offer professional advice on:

Management and Strategy Consultants

Business consultants looking to bring a change in this area must possess great knowledge and understanding of your specific market with the ability to bring the best practices of the industry to your company. They assist in marketing, branding and advertising to expand your company’s reach geographically in a bid to retain and acquire new customers in uncharted waters.
They can assist in identifying small competitor and way to perhaps buy them out to exercise autonomy in the business sector. To develop and execute better strategies, management and strategy consultants would better suit your needs.

Operations Consultants

Business operations consultants help to increase and improve the production processes which entail the day-to-day exercises to increase profits, revenues and the value of a company. The main operating activities include manufacturing, sales, advertising and marketing activities. They may bring fresh plans on doing the same thing but for different and best results. Some consultants barely want to integrate new ways of doing things and would hence analyze the current trends used in a particular business and identify the potential loopholes that need adjustments. Regardless of what amendments they make, they ensure the quality of products and services is maintained or gets better.

IT Consultants

The most dynamic sector is the sector that keeps changing almost every hour; it affects all businesses and changes the trajectory of how industries shape themselves in the conduction of business. Business consultants in this category may advise implementation of new tech trends, use of new systems or integration of software.
Technology is not only meant to make work easy but less hectic and eradicate any hint of human errors that could occur in the future. They offer a better and smarter way of handling business operations thereby maximizing the full potential of a business.

HR Consultants

This group of consultants is responsible for boosting employees’ morale, equipping the staff with new knowledge in training programs to enhance their work efficiency, effectiveness and productivity at large. They also help in recruiting new top talents for different job position and roles by vetting the candidates through meetings and interviews to select the best man or woman for the job. They can also gauge the Key Performance Index (KPI) of existing staff members to determine their importance and value not only in the company but also in the docket they operate. This process is vital in ‘promoting, relegating and firing’ if need be, or identifying employee challenges and getting ways to assist them to overcome their hurdles.
Their bottom-line is to improve employee performance, ensure they are competent and satisfied, to boost their output in the company. As a result, customer service experience and customer satisfaction level goes up.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants have a hand solidifying the image or brand of a company.

What do people say about your brand? How do your clients perceive it? Do you need a new social media strategy? This is the aim of the marketing consultants to ensure you keep afloat over your competitors while gaining new grounds in the market.

They go as far as using metrics and analytics to determine the effectiveness of your social media presence, how to boost engagement, and what social media platforms to invest in, when and how to promote ads among other marketing strategies and plans.

Building a brand and attracting potential new customers is imperative to keep the company alive in its operations and the niche it serves.

Why do you need a business consultant?

  1. Imagine one of your stakeholders, staff members or partners is incapacitated in a high-profile project that you just landed and you would want to close the deal. Well, not all times will you be a savior in sheep clothing and hence you would want to seek consulting services. At least, business consultants are not permanent employees on the payroll and once you have finished your business you could always part ways, having benefited from the services.
  2. If you are afraid to bring a change to the company, you could always use a business consultant to assist in bringing the desired new way of doing things. Since they are objective minded, they know how to gel in the system of the company and slowly but wisely bring change. When you are short-staffed, it can be crucial to assist in minor amendments with a manageable budget.
  3. Familiarity breeds contempt. Usually, people who are familiar with one another may fail to take a new perspective and fresh strategy. Hence an ‘outsider’ breaks that familiarity mindset and would most likely be followed. Of course, it would be easier if one of their ‘own’ would suggest and implement change but if avoidable, a new face in the game could help.
  4. Business consultants possess the ability to train based on the wealth of knowledge they have acquired in their line of work. They can arrange training programs, presentations and workshops for different categories of staff members and equip them with the necessary tools to make your employees better. Since they have interacted with different demographics and personalities, they understand ‘people’ well and can adjust their training courses to fit with the needs of the diverse ‘congregation.’
  5. It is seen hence that business consultants are important to any business. Just like counselors or mentors, they give direction and clarity of how to do business and the necessary steps to build a successful business.

In conclusion working with a well-established business consulting firm like Hillmarc Consulting provides your business with an edge like no other in form of solutions and business opportunities. Unlike any other business consulting firm out there they offer tailor-made services, products and solutions that identify and address the diverse business needs.

Published on Teu 8-5-2021
Article Writen By - Robert Wach
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.