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Digital marketing in Kenya - The revolution has just begun

Apnest blog- Digital marketing in Kenya - The revolution has just begun
The web, digital platforms, and related innovations are changing the fundamental nature marketing. Digital technologies are pushing business and organizations to rethink their marketing strategies. For marketers, a career in marketing is now a call to work at sharp edge of the technology. Marketing is a dynamic function that is ever evolving to adapt the changing market environment. What we are witnessing today is a digital marketing revolution that will change how marketers approach the marketing as a whole, the strategies they use, factors they prioritize among other aspects. The emergence of digital marketing agencies in Kenya will surely accelerate this revolution by equipping enterprises and organization with the required services and tools to facilitate this shift. Digital marketing is a relatively a new concept, and most of the business here in Kenya are yet to adapt it. One thing we know by now is digital marketing in Kenya is here to stay but what does this mean for businesses and organizations? What threats and what opportunities does this revolution present? Digital marketing revolution in Kenya has begun, even as I write this article, many businesses are already reaping the benefits of digital marketing, leveraging advantages that traditional marketing strategies simply can't offer. From my perspective, digital marketing presents endless benefits with few unjustifiable disadvantages. Let us look at some of the advantages that digital marketing bring to the table.

Benefits of digital marketing

1. Access to real-time market data

Access to real-time data is probably one of the most important gift digital marketing gives to marketers Marketing companies in Kenya and all over the world use market intelligence and the data collected to make critical decisions. Having the right data at the right time can boost the performance of the business in a huge way. Internet marketing present marketers with timely and accurate data about consumers, their interest, their location, their gender and much more information that is used to guide marketers as they make decisions. One use case of real-time data is helping advertising agencies in Kenya to present the right product/service to the right prospects and at the right time. With traditional marketing it was nearly impossible to get any data about the prospect listening or watching an ad, the goal was to reach as many people possible and on the right channel and hope they would turn out to be your target audience. Digital marketing is changing this; marketers are working with precise data, marketer’s efforts are now be directed to the right audience.

2. Better customer relations

Consumer relationship represents the holy grail in marketing. Consumer relationship can make or break an organization. For a long time marketing agencies in Kenya have been presented with the challenge of building and maintaining strong customer relationships for their clients but thanks to digital marketing, building strong relationships has become easy and less expensive. Marketing companies, for instance, a marketing agency in Nairobi does not need to move to the client’s locality to build relationships and collect their views as they can achieve the same more effectively online. The beauty of managing customer the digital way is the personal connection created between the business and their customers. To eliminate the communication barrier that has been there for years, it is worth the investment for institutions to invest in online marketing strategies. In today’s marketing environment, the question is not whether to hire digital marketing agencies in Kenya; the question is which agency to hire. The process of identifying a reliable agency from the top marketing companies in Kenya can be a daunting task, but with this guide on how to hire marketing agency you will be equipped with the right knowledge on choosing the best agency.

3. Flexibility and speed of digital - immediate feedback

In marketing, time is always a critical factor, the business that responds faster to changes in the market stands a chance to thrive and beat its competitors. Digital speed is a real blessing to businesses community; it is the ultimate weapon they need to conquer, offer better services and remain relevant in the market. One thing you can agree with me is the fact is that 21st-century business environment is very competitive, businesses that do not respond fast to the market changes or demand will surely not see tomorrow. With current market analytics tools, obtaining most recent changes, data and information is bliss. If you don’t have the right skills to set up marketing analytics tools for your business, then this is the point where I will advise you to hire one of the best marketing firms in the country. If you have a website, you can opt to hire one of the best SEO company in Kenya, if you are interested in the social media platform, you can consider outsourcing the services of social media marketing companies in Kenya.

5. Wider reach, larger audiences, and bigger market share

Gone are the days when business especially small businesses were constrained to serving clients from customers from their local areas. Digital marketing strategies are enabling enterprises to reach wider markets beyond the boundaries of a country or region at no extra cost. Enterprises can effortlessly enter new markets and broaden their reach. With strategies such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, businesses can easily reach clients in the global markets. Business growth is the goal of every business and digital marketing might be the solution that has been long awaited. With web marketing, business growth can be realized fast, efficiently and timely. Internet marketing in Kenya is thriving industry, customers are moving online, tapping this market will enable a business to grow at a fast rate. It is worth for small and medium businesses to invest on hiring competent and reliable marketing agencies that will help them grow.

6. Efficient targeting and segmentation

Digital marketing offers something that traditional form of marketing could not achieve in a million years. Digital marketing uses tons of metrics such as age, gender, location, access time, interest among other factors to target the right audience. In traditional marketing, targeting was mostly a based on ineffective segmentation and targeting, for instance, TV ads could not be run in one location or a few locations and not others, it was just impossible, targeting was one thing marketers were not in full control. Today enterprises have been empowered with the right tool to reach their target audience, while this may sound as normal or something that has been there forever, marketers in the 19th century struggled to achieve precision similar to what search engines and social media platforms are offering. Today, targeting a prospect who is in need of product/service you offer and is in your locality and want to purchase the product/service at that specific time has been made possible by technologies such as search engines, this is a targeting precision that was hard to achieve in the traditional form of marketing.

7. Measurable results

You will agree with me that it is impossible to tell how many people looked at a billboard, it is impossible to tell who saw the advert, whether they were male or female or even their age. This missing information is needed by marketers to make critical marketing, brand and product decisions. Digital marketing approaches such as Facebook ads avails detailed information; it collects the exact data about who saw the ad, their age, their gender, their interests and other important details. Social media marketing companies in Kenya are helping local business craft effective marketing strategies based on social media data. According to 2016 research, about 80% of people are on social media which makes it one of the largest sources of leads.
Digital marketing is offering businesses something they have wished they had for a long time, the ability to measure return on marketing investment (ROMI). Marketers are now able to measure the results of every campaign and the effectiveness of every strategy.

Why change now?

Is this the right time for your business to adopt digital marketing strategies? The answer is yes, this is why.

a. Consumers trends

Consumers are abandoning traditional channels like newspapers while media consumption over the web is rising. In simple terms, everybody is going online. It is important that as a business you follow your consumers online and tap them in the most relevant channels. Today consumers are reading newspapers and magazines online; they are watching their favorite shows and listen to radio over the web.

b. Consumer buying process now begins on search engines

Consumer buying process which begins with the search for information, today that search is taking place on the search engines. This shift in consumer behavior is an indication that your business needs to embrace online marketing to reach these potential customers.

c. Competition is not that stiff

While businesses are adopting digital marketing strategies, there is still a chance to invest on the same position your business and claim your market share. The market has not yet been restricted by competition, something that is coming soon.
Digital marketing revolution in Kenya is just beginning; it is a marketing storm forming. There is a huge market that is growing on the web, different digital strategies like email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing among others have been proven effective and reliable. To keep pace with the exciting and rapidly changing marketing environment it helps to have a partner Apnest digital agency, is one of the top marketing companies in Kenya with experience in providing professional digital marketing services. Having digital marketing experts with cutting-edge skills and offering professional marketing services is certainly what your business needs.
Published on Sat 27-4-2017
Article Writen By - Robert Wach
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.