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Hiring web design company in Kenya - 10 questions to ask

Apnest blog- Hiring web design company in Kenya - 10 questions to ask

The search for web design companies in Kenya can get confusing really fast. One wrong move can cost you time and lots of cash. Over the last few months, I have been approached by many clients who had given their projects to other web design agencies, but the results turned to be horrific, far from client's expectations. The rate at which clients are hiring wrong and incompetent web developers in so high that's why I have put together a list of questions that you should ask a web designer or company before you hire them.
This guide will help you better understand a developer before you make any commitment. We will mainly focus on questions that will help you draw a clear line between the web design agencies that can’t deliver and those who are both capable and competent. The primary reason you need a website is for it to help you accomplish certain objectives or goals, either business oriented or personal oriented. During web designer selection process we will focus on achieving your goals in the most efficient way by identifying the right candidate for the job. Below are the most important questions that you should ask before hiring any web design company in Kenya.

1. What is your approach to usability?

Ever hired a web developer and they designed unusable and unprofessional website? This happens quite often, you hire a web designer, but the end product is one that can end up damaging your brand image and doing more harm than good. The objective of any website is to give the end user an excellent experience, elegant and easy to use interface. If you end up with a website that is not usable either on some devices, some browsers or on all platforms, then the project can be considered a total failure. Web designers should develop a user-centered website, a site that adheres to UX and UI principles.
Over the last few years, several design philosophies have emerged to help designers develop software and websites with interfaces that are easy to use, and users are already familiar with. Some of these design philosophies include Google material design and flat UI among others. Best web designers Kenya will clearly outline their strategy towards usability, if a designer does not even understand what usability has to do with your website, don’t even think of hiring them.

2. Ask for samples of sites with similar goals and features

If you are thinking of having a website built, then you want to solve a specific problem in a specific area, for instance, you might be looking for ecommerce solution; hence you should be looking for a solution that integrates perfectly with business. To be certain that the agency or developer will deliver what you want, it is in order to ask for samples of similar projects they have undertaken. A look at the agency’s work will help keep your expectations in check because most likely the designer will give similar quality or a slight variation of the sample. Go for website developers in Kenya who have some ready projects to show otherwise when things go wrong at the end; the fault will be on you.

3. What are the developer’s qualifications and experience?

This is a tricky question as it can mean two things. After searching for "web designers in Nairobi" on Google, a number of web design agencies will show up; some have experience of up to 10 years while others have experience of about 1 or 2 years. It is advisable that you choose one with the most experienced, but when it comes to the technology world, there is another factor that comes into play, and this has to do with the changing nature of technology.
The web design technologies that were very popular 7yrs ago are not that popular today, in fact, new and better technologies that are future oriented are coming out every day. If I were to build a complex website 7 years ago, I would have used PHP, but that is not the case today. Although web design and development in Kenya is evolving, it can be better to hire an agency with 2 years experience because the probability is, they will build your website with new technologies that will offer better user experience, more features, optimal speed and will also play well with future technologies.

4. What is included in the web design packages?

You should get a precise answer to this question as it will help solve problems that might arise in future concerning what is to be included in the package and what’s not to be included. Web design packages might include, web hosting, domain registration, SEO package, site maintenance among others but each web package is unique. There is a close relation of the fee and the features included in the package. Different web design companies in Kenya will offer varied web packages so you should not make assumptions about what is included. It is always good to have everything in writing just in case of future conflicts concerning the same arises.

5. How long will it take to complete the website?

A few days ago a client gave me a call asking my agency to complete a site that was given to certain web design company in Nairobi. The company that had been awarded the project could not complete the work for over two months. Considering this was an average project supposed to take a maximum of two weeks, the client asked my agency to finish the project, and in this case, the client had to pay web development fee to two different agencies. It is important you get a written contract indicating how long development process will take. When hiring website developers in Kenya, don’t go blindly, have an agreement in place and avoid such pitfalls.

6. Will the website be built to expand as the business grows?

No one wants a website that will serve its purpose and offer reliable solutions today but fail to do so tomorrow. Whenever I’m starting to develop any website, I have to observe the industry trends, both in the client’s business industry and also trends in web design. If you are paying a huge sum of money, you want to be sure that this cost will not arise again in the near future. It is crucial that you hire an agency that will build you a website that can adapt to the future needs.

7. Will the website be responsive?

Responsive websites are the ones that offer optimal viewing experience; they are easy to read and to navigate across a wide range of devices namely mobile, tablets and desktops. The website should be responsive to offer the best user experience on mobile devices. Google have emphasized on mobile fast concept since most of the users on the web are using mobile devices and it is necessary to offer these users the best experience when they visit your website. If the site is not responsive, they will leave immediately because your website is not usable on their device. Besides better user experience, responsive websites rank better on search engines, and this betters the SEO ( search engine optimization) campaign of the website.

8. What SEO features will be added to the website?

Search engine optimization helps with increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. It is a frustrating experience to have a perfect website built, but later you realize it is not showing up on search engines and at the same time no one is visiting the site. Web designers in Kenya have seen the frustration of their clients when their websites do not show up in search engines for months; this has pushed them to include on-page optimization which makes these websites SEO friendly. Although there is a huge list of web designing companies that will optimize the site for search engines, it is imperative that you inquire from the designer whether they include the same.

9. Do the agency offer on-going maintenance after the site goes live?

This is a question that should come up before you hire an agency. Some web designers are known to charge high prices and offer little or no maintenance while others will separate the cost of design and the cost of maintenance, this has resulted in lots of confused clients when it comes to website design cost in Kenya. The truth is if you have a website built, you will definitely need maintenance services. The designer should clearly indicate the maintenance terms and any costs involved; some developers use this chance to exploit their clients financially hence you should know all the costs involved prior awarding the project.

10. What other services do the developer or agency provide?

After your website is built, you will need other services to facilitate the achievement of the set goals. These services include marketing, hosting, domain registration, maintenance, integration with payment gateways among others. Instead of going searching for web hosting companies Kenya or marketing firms to offer digital marketing services. It is important that the agency or developer offers the same so that all the services are administered from a central place for easier management.
The process of hiring web design agency should not only consist of a simple Google search of "best web designers in Nairobi" or best web designers Kenya; it should be a process. The above questions will help you avoid the common pitfalls and probably save you from wasting a large sum of money and wasting your time. You can check out this guide, which is the best web design company in Kenya and learn more about choosing the right agency. Asking specific questions before hiring a web design firm will help you retain a results-oriented partner that will help your organization or business achieve tangible results that translate into a measurable return on your website investment.
Published on Sun 21-4-2017
Article Writen By - Robert Wach
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.