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Local Marketing - How to market in your local area

Apnest blog- Local Marketing - How to market in your local area
Increasing brand visibility and growing brand awareness is an objective of every business. The stronger a brand is, the better its performance. We all want more local customers to know about the existence of our businesses and also buy from us. What if I told you there are ways to reach out to this segment? That's right; there are unique strategies that you can use to reach out to the local audience and that is local business marketing stratiges. A major benefit of local marketing is the ability to compete large retailers without having to match their budget. There are many advantages associated with this marketing approach but most local businesses struggle to understand and take advantage of this landscape. In this article, we will explore 2017’s most effective strategies used in local business marketing. Local marketing is a strategy that is done both in person and over the internet. It is upon the business owner or marketer to determine the local marketing strategies that will be most beneficial and relevant. This guide we touch on both person and online strategies but with more emphasis on digital strategies as they tend to be relatively cheaper; actually, most are free. It is relatively easy to fail in local business marketing especially if you are a startup. Before you implement these local marketing strategies, there are few things you need to get right.

i). Know your objectives

Make your objectives clear, outline the problem you are solving and determine how viable your solution is. What is your unique benefit? In which category does your business exist? In your marketing plan provide precise answers to these questions. Your objectives and the marketing plan is your roadmap, let it guide you.

ii). Know who you are selling to

Don’t be Jack of all trades because that will be your business demise. Identify who your target customers are, when you say everybody is your customer then you lose the war before it begins. Segment the market and focus your efforts on a specific market or segment.

iii). Study the market and your competitors

Just like in the art of war, it is critically important to know the market and the rivals. In the art of war Sun Tzu said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Before going to the battle know study the battlefield (the market).

Local marketing strategies

1. Use of business cards

In its most basic form, local marketing can entail giving out your professionally designed business cards to potential customers. A potential customer with your business card is more than likely to give you a call when in need of a service you offer. When you give your cards, you are creating brand awareness; people get to know the existence of a product, service or a local business. This strategy has been in use for years and has survived the test time making it one of your go strategies as you start to market locally.

2. Network with other local companies

This a one of the ways to increase your business exposure. Interacting with the community and related businesses might give you leads, increase referrals to your business and even forge alliances in other business in your line of work.

3. Local business listing

The internet is changing how customers find businesses, products, and services. As managers and business owners we can use tech to stay competitive. There are more than 10 billion searches on Google every month and more than 45% of these searches have local intent ( are searching for products, services or business in their local area). Google has come with one of the most innovative business listing platforms, Google My Business. Google has integrated the organic search results with local places, making it easy for the searchers to see the top three companies/businesses ( known as 3pack ) offering a services/product the searcher is interested in. In a different article, we will explore the strategies used to rank in Google 3 pack (top three businesses).
It is important to utilize Google My Business and drive more traffic to your business website and your physical store as Google offers business owners a way to indicate their store locations, directions, contact details, and address to the business websites. Also, get listed with other business directories in Kenya such as kenyamarket.

4. Search engine optimization

Some potential customers will head online and search for phrases like “drinks delivery Kenya” “marketing companies in Nairobi”, “Plumbers in Nakuru”, “Whisky delivery Nairobi”, “Web design company in Kenya” and other location-based search queries. It is imperative you use the following SEO strategies to rank on location based keywords.
  • a. Include keywords that include your city, county or geographic area in your site.
  • b. Use local structured data markup.
  • c. Create quality backlinks.
  • d. Create quality content for your target audience.

5. Ask for reviews and get listed on review websites

Positive reviews are votes of confidence from previous customers, it is an indication that they were satisfied by your services. Many potential customers will use customer reviews to choose a service provider or business. Reviews are not only important to potential clients; they are also used by search engines to rank your website and also give it authority. Ask for reviews from customers, review websites in Kenya or in your local location. Get your company or product reviewed in business review websites/product review sites as this will increase the credibility of your business in your locality.

6. Work with a reliable digital marketing company in your area

One of the largest sources of customers today is the web; hence it is imperative to invest in marketing strategies that will help the business tap into this traffic source. Find the best digital company in Kenya or top SEO companies in Kenya that will give your business a competitive edge and help your business remain competitive by maintaining a strong online presence.
Implementing the above strategies in the right way will increase the number of customers visiting your business’s physical store and the business website. For marketing consultation on the local marketing, you can reach out to the best marketing consultants in Kenya and increase your brand visibility, build a stronger brand and also start tapping customers from local markets,
Published on Teu 4-6-2017
Article Writen By - Robert wach
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.