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Logskit: Android spy App - Phone spying application

Apnest blog- Logskit: Android spy App -  Phone spying application
Technology has transformed our lives in great ways, and today things are way better compared to a decade ago. From socializing, shopping, learning nothing has been left unturned. Today we introduce you to an application that you can use to manage your relationship. We introduce, LogsKit, the coolest Cheater Spying and Catching Application Realistically speaking, spying on your partner is unethical and there is no justification for spying on your spouse. But wait a minute, is a there a justification for cheating? Relationships are supposed to be built on a deep-rooted trust, and without it, things can get messed up. Well, if you don’t care about all that, there are crazy apps that can help you find out if your partner is loyal to you. Logskit is a spy app that lets you track on your partner phone activities, and everything from text messages, GPS location, Facebook activities, Keylogs and more. It will require the curious partner to sneakily install the app on significant partner’s smartphone, but once installed several monitoring features will be available to the user. What makes Logskit mobile spying app special is that it is one of the few cheaters busting app that allow you to download and install the tracking app for free. Enjoy their free mobile monitoring package which will allow you to spy for 48hrs. They also have an incredibly cheap package which will require you to subscribe for just $ 10 (1000 KES) per month. Logskit also claims to be an ultimate cell phone monitoring software currently in the market. There is a stealth mode that allows you to monitor your partner's activities without his/her consent. Once the app is installed invisible mode will hide applications icon. This app runs in the background of the phone, so they will not have an idea that you have installed it. How cool is that? All transactions done on Logskit are https encrypted and anonymous. Logskit will allow you to anonymously monitor and control all activities that happen on the target device from an easy to use web interface. With Logskit mobile tracking and monitoring app, it is now possible to track down social media messages including WhatsApp, facebook, twitter and much more. Once this android spyware has been installed on the Target phone, it listens to phone calls read SMS, track incoming & outgoing messages and get GPS Location and sends this information via text message or to the Logskit web account with all the details included. The GPS Tracker reports both current and past locations. Whats even cool with this android spying app is that it allows you to view call logs, pictures taken and more. It also secretly takes pictures using device front camera.
Published on Mon 23-3-2018
Article Writen By - Paul Kinuthia
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.