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Online shopping trends in Kenya

Apnest blog- Online shopping trends in Kenya
Online shopping has become the obvious approach through which the modern customer is buying goods and services. A few years ago, we witnessed the beginning of the digital revolution in Kenya. Although most of us didn’t believe it would change how we buy, sell, live, socialize; today, our lives are different. The internet has given birth to the incredible ecommerce applications where buyers can comfortably and conveniently shop even without stepping beyond the walls of their homes. Consumer behavior has evolved ( digital marketing revolution ) over the last few years. The consumer search for products and the buying process has evolved as a result of the development and growth of the e-commerce industry. The Kenyan market has seen immense changes and the revolution isn’t over, my belief is, this is just the beginning, ecommerce will continue to transform the lives of buyers and sellers. From our recent study, dial a delivery service and online shopping sites in Kenya will increase and the industry will grow by approximately double by year 2019. The retail shopping is not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon but it will undergo a painful transformation. Walk-in customers will significantly reduce as more customers will prefer to buying online. As ecommerce continues to take root in Kenya, there are factors and trends that will shape the online shopping future. This article will analyze the ecommerce trends that will rule 2018 and beyond. This guide will help merchants gain strong ground and competitive advantage as we journey through the e-commerce evolution. If you have a stake in the business industry, this guide is for you, to help you get ahead of the competition and secure your business future.

Why is online shopping becoming popular?

Even before we get deeper and ask ourselves what will the future look like, I believe it's fair enough to ask ourselves why e-commerce is spreading like wildfire, why is it taking over? why?
Convenience, affordability, accessibility, and confidentiality is the wish and dream of every buyer. Buyers want to buy cheap, have access to the shop when they want and sometimes maintain the confidentiality of their transactions. Online shopping gives them all the above since customers can access the store/shop from their smartphones and computers, they can easily compare products from different suppliers and enjoy the best deals and lowest prices. Since online stores do not necessarily need to have a physical shop, they are able to cut the cost and this enables them to offer a competitive price. The awesome thing about e-commerce / online shopping is access from anywhere anytime and for better prices.
Clearly shopping online has turned to be a blessing to businesses. E-commerce avails valuable data and insights to businesses, the data collected via online channels is used for crafting effective marketing strategies. Online platforms help us collect accurate data helping us reach a level of precision that we could only dream of before the web 2.0. Unlike the tradition (offline) stores, online store avails to businesses important market data that can be used to gain a competitive edge. Consumer preferences, real-time consumer data, return on marketing investment and consumer trends is some of the information ecommerce stores enjoy.

Online shopping trends in Kenya

1. Delivery time

Currently most online stores in Kenya promise a delivery time of about a week but this time is significantly reducing. The delivery time will decrease to about 10 minutes, in fact, this has already started with companies like Drinks Vine which promises a delivery time of not more than 30 minutes for customers around Nairobi. Dial a delivery services ( Sherehe Drinks, drinks delivery Kenya, dial a delivery) are changing the game and to the consumers advantage. Although this is a new industry, one thing that the players have achieved is keeping the delivery time minimal.
Delivery time for every online store will reduce to conform to consumer needs. It will be possible to buy goods online and have them delivered within 10 or 15 minutes. Apart from fast deliveries, also expect 24/7 deliveries in the near future, Nairobi drinks which is an online liquor store in Kenya offers 24-hour alcohol delivery Nairobi and to make it even better they will do the delivery within 7 to 30 minutes if you are around Nairobi. In 2018 and beyond we will see more companies offering the same. The reduction in delivery time opens the door to purchase of perishable and urgent products via the web. More online shops dealing with medicine delivery, drinks delivery, alcohol delivery, vape delivery and food delivery will storm the market due to the increase in demand.

2. Chatbots and artificial intelligence

Chatting has become one of the most preferred ways to communicate. Chatbots made their way into the e-commerce world in 2017 making online shopping easier and smarter. Online stores in Kenya will make it possible for buyers to place their orders by simply chatting to intelligence bots integrated with the store. Consumer shopping journey is about to become even smarter with the smart suggestions from these bots, consumers will be in a position to compare prices, products, and other features just by chatting with these bots and describing what they want to buy.
I can confidently ask you to get ready for an amazing experience, a time when you will chat with the online store (bot) and tell them to sell you the cheapest or most expensive product or event ask the smart bot to bring you some food, drinks or any other product and within 30 mins have it in your house.
Here at Apnest we love everything amazing that's why we are in the forefront to introduce and give this new and revolutionary technology to our clients.

3. Mobile traffic

There will be more buyers visiting online stores using their smartphones compared to those using laptops and desktops. It will be imperative for online vendors to make their online stores accessible through mobile devices and maintaining design and brand consistency across different platforms. According to research done by Google, buyers are more likely to start their purchase journey in one device and complete it in a different device may be a laptop or smartphone, it is hence imperative to ensure the consumer feels right at home regardless of the device he/she is using.
Using different outlook for different devices makes the customer feel as though they are in a different online store.
To ensure customers get the best experience, choose a web designer in Kenya with advanced skills, one who can develop elegant, responsive website.

4. Video content

Online shops using videos to convince customers to purchase goods and services have seen remarkable success and increase in conversion. Videos are more compelling and their results have shown that truly it is one of the effective channels for business to communicate with their customers. In 2018 and beyond, online stores will make use of video content to drive more sales and to keep customers more on their websites.
The above are just some the online shopping trends that will rule 2018, although there are more trends that will impact this industry, the above are the major. In combination with the above, digital marketing strategies will help ensure the online store remain competitive and easily found by customers searching for the business or the products offered by the business The modern-day marketplace will surely favor those businesses embracing technology and using it to gain a larger market share. Having both a physical store and a business website where customers can buy or place orders will secure the future of the business as the online stores will target those buyers who prefer to shop and buy online.
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Published on Mon 8-0-2018
Article Writen By - wach
Robert Wachira is a Web designer and digital marketer at Apnest. He has vast knowledge in the fields of web design and digital marketing.