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Digital Marketing In Kenya - Hire The Best Agency
You have acquired a new website with the expectation of getting a large number of customers visiting your website, after some time your realize there very few people are visiting your site. It is during this time that you start doubting if a website is necessary, but the problem is not with your site, the problem is the lack of clear marketing strategy.
We all know that you don’t start a business and expect customers just to come and buy. You have to inform potential customers about the firm, products or services that you are offering. You have to reach out to potential clients; this is how marketing works. Failing to get a website's information to the right market or the right customer is a major reason for a site to receive low or no traffic.
Just like in business, after doing website marketing, you will realize an increase in the number of people visiting your website and eventually increase in sales. This article explores; the role of digital marketing companies in Kenya, the current and effective SEO techniques and the process of identifying the top SEO companies in Kenya.
Today marketing is undergoing a major revolution and most customers are relying on search engines to find products and services. There are 3.5 billion searches per day on Google search engine, and more than 70% of these searches are from customers searching for products and services. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting your website to rank well on search engine result. In other words, it is the process of getting customers to easily find your website when they search for products and services offered on your website.

Why do you need SEO?

1. Most of the customers are now shopping online, and SEO will help these customers easily find your business website/business.
2. Competition stiffens with every passing day; it’s time to claim your market share before it’s too late. 3. It is cost effective. Spend less to gain large market share.
4. Digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing.
5. Everybody is searching online and when they don't find you, your business loses.
6. Search engine optimization will not disappear anytime soon.

State of digital marketing in Kenya

Kenya ranks as one of the top countries in Africa adopting technology at a fast rate, but how do we perform when it comes to digital marketing? Not many businesses in Kenya have realized the power of digital marketing in every sector; just a few business exploit the full potential of this marketing strategy. This presents a future threat to competitors. Having followed the marketing trends since 2012, I can confidently say that digital marketing is the future of marketing. In a scenario where only a handful businesses embrace SEO and other digital marketing techniques, it might be too late for competitors to claim their online market share in future.
Web design companies in Nairobi seem to have taken up the role of offering SEO services in Nairobi and Kenya at large, but only a few agencies have SEO experts. Most of the time, they don’t offer the entire digital marketing packages due to skills limitation. If you are not an SEO expert, the major challenge you will face is identifying the right digital marketing agency Nairobi and avoid scenarios where you throw your money away to firms that do not possess the right marketing personnel.

What is the role of SEO companies in Kenya?

Search engine optimization experts help websites rank well on SERP (search engine result pages), but more importantly is to help grow the client base. Digital marketing companies start with a thorough market research, comes up with a strategy then undertakes on-page and off-page optimization that helps achieve the set goals and objectives. To accomplish this, SEO firms in Kenya do the following among other things.
  • They audit the site to know what needs to be corrected and what is missing.
  • They carry out market research and then keyword research. This helps identify the potential customers, what they search and how they search.
  • Finding out the opportunities and the challenges. Market research helps bring out the opportunities which can be exploited.
  • Spying and learning from your competitor. In SEO it is imperative to learn the market and more importantly the competitor, where they get their traffic, their weaknesses and their strengths.
  • Create optimized landing pages. The agency may redesign or add information to make the landing pages more effective.
  • Making the site responsive and mobile-friendly. Responsiveness of a website is one of Google's vital ranking factor and thus making the site more responsive have an overall impact on SEO.
  • Create SEO friendly URLs.
  • Link building.

Finding the right digital marketing companies in Kenya

If you want to market your website online and start gaining substantial traffic, then it goes without saying, you need the best marketing agencies in Nairobi. The following tips will lead you to the right agency.

Reputation of the agency

Whenever evaluating SEO companies in Kenya, always examine at how reputable they firm is. What do their previous clients say about them? Listening to their previous clients gives you a chance to know what to expect if previous clients were disappointed with the agency’s services you might experience the same. Don’t just hire the firms claiming to be the SEO experts in Kenya, judge them by their work.

The Agency should rank well

If an agency does not rank well, it's time to reconsider your options. An organization that claims to be one of the best digital marketing agency Nairobi or in Kenya should be ranking for several keywords related to internet marketing. If their site is poorly optimized, walk away while you still have a chance.


If it is your first time searching for SEO agency in Kenya, it is advisable you get some guidance from friends, family or colleagues. A person who have hired a marketing firm already knows some of the best players in the market hence it makes the whole process easier.

Experience and track record

Experience is one characteristic that the top marketing companies in Kenya should have. The quality of marketing services you get will be influenced by the company's experience in offering digital marketing services. Choose a firm with a proven track record.
Remember SEO is not for everyone or any other DIY, it is a highly competitive field and requires skilled personnel. Not everybody will help you rank or more importantly facilitate the growth of your client base. Find the agency that understands marketing, not just web design; designing is a different area and marketing is a separate field that needs to be approached with due diligence. In the current competitive environment, having a great website is not enough, you need expert digital marketing services from marketing experts.