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Nixsat school management system
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Nixstat school management software.
Apnest digital agency introduces a new school management system, Nixstat, this revolutionary software is designed to serve the modern school in the most effective way, from its elegant user interface to blazing fast speeds. The software covers all the departments in a school, the library, exams, finance, dormitory, academics, staffs and others. If you are looking for a school management software in Kenya with all those features, you found one.

Apnest digital agency did their research and realized most schools have a school management system but most schools are not satisfied with the current system. Second, there are tons of school management systems and this makes the transfer of data nearly impossible, also when teachers are transferred they have to relearn as different schools have different systems.

Apnest has introduced one system to conquer them all, one that is easy and fun to use, beautiful, blazing fast, installable in any device, cheaper, modern and comes with a mobile app (on demand).

Nixstat, is not just a school management system, it is the school's engine, it is what has been missing all these years, it is a fresh breath. This is a software built with the cutting edge technologies used by the largest companies in the world like Google, Facebook, Paypal, Uber, Netflix, Linkedin, Yahoo, Mozilla among others. Nixstat is modern school management system developed by professionals.

Why should you consider Nixstat

Here is why you should consider Nixstat

Simple to use: Nixstat is designed to ease management of your school not to bring complexity. It is designed to make your life easier, reduce time spent on tasks and bring efficiency.

Continuous updates: Unlike other software, Nixstat is kept up to date with regular updates, improvements and fixes. Our developers never sleep, they are working to give you even better experience.

Runs on the cloud and locally: This means you can access it from anywhere and anytime, it also means you will never your data. You don’t have to go school to submit results, as long as you have a computer or your phone, you are connected. You can use Nixstat as online school management software or just use it locally on the school network.

Real-time: No more waiting, no more refreshing, the ultimate solution to speed and efficiency is here.

Its national wide: Nixstat is not a story of one school, we are going to every corner of the country and this will enable schools to communicate easily, collaborate in exams, share information and teachers will have an easy time transitioning from one school to another as they can choose to move with their data.

Nixstat is the future: Built by professionals with the cutting edge technologies, it is built to withstand any change in the curriculum, it is as flexible as you want it to be.

Built-in chat system: Collaboration amongst the team is crucial that why this software has an integrated smart chat. Communication among schools is also possible.

Maintenance: The Apnest team is always there to solve any arising issues, give support and educate the team on new and existing features.

Your school deserve it. When there were no smartphones we didn’t know what we were missing until they came along, today it is almost impossible to spend a day without one. just like smartphones, Nixstat is an essential part of the school. Your team don’t just need a system they need the best, they deserve Nixstat. Below are the features included, and we leave it to you to decide whether this is the best school management software in Kenya.

Nixstat Features

  • Student Management
  • Teachers management
  • Library management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Courses & Examinations
  • School statistics ( student, accounting, performance and library data )
  • Student portal
  • User rights and privileges management
  • Notification system (fee, exams and more)
  • communication module ( SMS, and system chat )
  • Offline mode
  • Dormitory Management
  • Reports generation ( financial statements )
  • Users supervision
  • Easy to integrate with mobile App or other desktop software
  • Lipa Na Mpesa ( on demand )
  • Nixstat is among the best school information management system in Kenya with the best support, excellent performance and is regularly updated.

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