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Professional web designers in Kenya

Web design services in Kenya

Here at Apnest, we are dedicated to developing websites and web applications that surpass our client's expectations; we go beyond the idea of simple websites. Our goal is to be Kenya's best web design company. We are specialized at building high performance, fast, stable and beautifully designed websites. We work with our clients to build business-oriented (e-commerce) sites that are easy to integrate with different services such payment methods and provide customer management capabilities.

Web design packages

Basic Package

  • Responsive website
  • Admin secure pages
  • Custom Template
  • SEO friendly

Best package for personal sites. The packages includes custom database, beautiful and easy to use user interface.

Ksh 19999

Standard Package

  • All Basic features included
  • Fully Responsive
  • Custom graphics
  • Social media kit
  • Custom CMS

Build for small and medium business. The packages includes digital marketing features for the business online marketing.

Ksh 49999

Premium Package

  • All Standard features included
  • Easy to integrate with mobile app (API enabled)
  • Highly secure( 2-factor authentication)
  • Highly scalable
  • Data analysis tools

For Progressive Web Applications. The package utilizes the latest web technology to build high performance web applications. Best suited for large eCommerce applications.

Ksh 79999
Elegant, Professional and Clean

Features of our websites

Customer management system

Get website powered by modern databases systems that make it easy for managing customers, business transactions, payments and other management tasks.

Ecommerce enabled

Our e-commerce sites enable client empower their businesses with digital capabilities. We help businesses leverage power of technology to better their productivity and remain competitive.

Fully Responsive

Give your clients that consistent nice experience across all devices, whether using mobile devices or tablets. We build sites that are mobile friendly, they are build to render well on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

High performance

We build sites that are reliable, secure and tons of features. Our websites makes your business competitive both today and in the future.


Fast and efficient. We build all our sites with modern and reliable technologies that makes it super fast. Saving your customer's time by offering "speed" ☇ .

Optimize for marketing

Build to dominate the market from the word go. Get a site that customers will easily find.

Your website is your business

In today's competitive business environment, a business website is an absolute necessity. If you are planning to acquire one for your business or firm, then you are on the right route. Before you hire a web designer, you have to ask yourself whether you just want a pretty website or a website that will help grow your business. I guess the primary reason you need a website is to manage your clients and grow your business and this is why you need a professional web design agency like Apnest which happens to be one the best web design company in Nairobi .
Apnest web design and development agency was formed by a group of talented, experienced and passionate web designers. Our web design skills are not tied to WordPress design; we are web design professionals experienced in developing high-end custom websites. We offer web design services in Kenya that range from development of personal websites and blogs to custom high-performance websites and applications.

Let your website help you achieve your business or career goals and objectives

If your objectives are business prosperity or successful personal website that will enable realize your goals ( promote your products, services or manage your customers), then we are the perfect choice. Among the best web design companies in Nairobi, Apnest stands to be your ideal option. We do more than web design; our goal is to see our clients have thriving websites hence we develop search engine optimization (SEO) friendly websites that are optimized for marketing. There are very few web design companies that will build you a website that is optimized for web marketing. We take pride in being a web design agency that helps our client gain online success through the integration of internet marketing features.

Affordable web design in Kenya

Don’t throw your money to an unqualified web designer who will charge you cheaply, also don’t hire an overpriced web designer for no reason. What you need is a professional website at reasonable / pocket-friendly rates. We are web designers in Nairobi who charges reasonable prices, if you need web design company that will offer you professional services at affordable rates then give us a call today, and we will be glad to lead you on your journey to online success.

Of all web design companies in Kenya we are the best

There is a long list of web design companies in Kenya, but there are only a few excellent, success driven web design companies in Nairobi thus it is wise to go with the best web designers in Kenya like Apnest where you will be guaranteed of quality and professional services. Web design and development in Kenya is an ever evolving field, and we take responsibility to keep up with the latest technologies in order to deliver ultra modern, fast and reliable custom websites. If you have been looking for the best web designers Kenya, then look no further because we are the best in comparison to other web design companies in Kenya.